• Valve body parts surface processing process design



    1. Select the positioning benchmark. Base surface selection is one of the most important tasks in process planning. The correct and reasonable selection of the base surface can ensure and improve the processing quality and productivity. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems in the process of processing, and what's more, a large number of parts will be scrapped, so that production can not be carried out normally, and bring huge losses to enterprises. This part is a kind of rotary part, so the selection of cylindrical rough reference. The large end face and the axis of the inner cavity hole are used as the design reference, so "reference coincidence" principle is followed, and the small holes of the large end face, the inner hole and the end face are used as the precise reference.


    2. Selection of surface machining methods of parts

    (1) large end face. Surface roughness requirements are high, large size, and for the rotation class, so the use of turning processing, in order to ensure the accuracy requirements, for rough and fine car.

    (2) small end face. Use turning processing, cylindrical positioning, in order to ensure accuracy, rough and fine car.

    (3) countersunk holes on both ends. Due to its high precision, grade 10 precision and moderate size, it adopts turning and fine turning.

    (4) each hole in the inner cavity. Each hole in the inner cavity has high precision, grade 7 precision, moderate size, so it adopts fine boring to ensure the accuracy.

    (5) end face of boss. Adopt lathe processing, at the same time carry on turning thread, the thread hole of small boss is drilled directly.

    (6) big face. Drilling processing, drilling in the drilling machine, tapping holes.