• Introduction of valve body parts



    The function of parts: not only directly affect the assembly precision and motion precision of the valve body, but also affect the working precision, service performance and life of the parts.


    The main machining surface of valve body parts is plane and hole system. Generally speaking, it is easier to ensure the machining accuracy of plane than hole system. Therefore, for the valve body, the main problem in the processing process is to ensure the accuracy of hole size and position, to deal with the relationship between the hole and the plane. Due to the large volume of valve body parts. How to meet the productivity requirements is also the main consideration in the processing of valve body.


    1. Hole and plane processing sequence. The processing of valve body parts should follow the principle of first surface and then hole: the first processing of the valve body on the reference plane, with the reference plane positioning processing other plane. Then the hole system is processed. Valve body processing should follow this principle naturally. This is because of the large area of the plane, the plane positioning can ensure the positioning reliable clamping firm, so it is easy to ensure the machining accuracy of the hole. Secondly, the surface of the casting can be cut to remove the uneven surface. In order to improve the machining accuracy of the hole to create conditions, easy to adjust and protect the tool.


    2. Selection of hole system processing scheme. The hole system machining scheme of valve body shall select the machining method and equipment that can meet the requirements of hole system machining accuracy. Besides considering processing accuracy and efficiency, economic factors should also be considered properly. Under the condition of meeting the requirement of precision and productivity, the lowest price machine tool should be selected. According to the precision requirements and productivity requirements of the valve body shown in the design part drawing of valve body technological tooling, it is more appropriate to use the boring die method to bore holes on the modular machine tool.