Performance pledges:


1. Under the normal storage, transportation, maintenance and use conditions of the customer, when the product cannot be normally used due to manufacturing quality problems, the company shall provide five packages (warranty, return, replacement, compensation, and disassembly) package service.

2. When receiving the quality information feedback, it will put forward the handling opinions within 24 hours and arrive at the site within 100 hours to deal with the problems. After the normal operation, it will analyze the reasons and clarify the responsibilities.

3. Provide necessary technical documents and product qualification certificates for the products.

4. Provide spare parts, installation, commissioning, maintenance service and technical training to customer according to customer's requirement or agreement.

5. For large-scale engineering projects, production, testing and inspection will be organized according to the requirements of the bidding documents, and on-site acceptance with customers.

6. Organize purchasing of raw materials, spare parts, production and inspection in strict accordance with IS09001 standard.

Statement of commitment:


In the process of using the product, if the customer finds that the product cannot be normally used, he/she can immediately consult the after-sales service department of the marketing center and explain the model, specification, operating environment, fault condition, purchase date and service requirements of the product in detail. After the service department puts forward the handling suggestion, still cannot solve, decide to send person or make other handling again.